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Utility Vest

Utility Vest


The utility vest is a storage accesory for easy access cargo without the need for a small bag. While adding a definitive element to a look, it partially exposes garments layered under and can also be layered under outerwear for subtilty and functionality. Pocketing features a "larger than it looks" horizontal zipper pocket, a horizontal welt pocket, a standard vertical welt pocket, a large magnetic closure cargo pocket, and an extra small "coin" pocket. Fastened by 2 adjustable buckle closure straps on the left side of body.



13" (W) x 26" (L)

Adjustable straps allow to fit any size


Material Make-up:

100% USA cotton no-stretch denim // Black

100% Polyester webbing straps // Black

2 metal buckles // Silver

1 metal ri-ri zipper // Silver

1 suede patch // Black

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